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寄件人    : Yidan Wang <wyd0430@gmail.com>
日期        : 2013年12月24日 17:50:59 [GMT+08:00]
收件人    : "Leonie Ki Man Fung (NWD)" <leonieki@nwd.com.hk>
標題        : Greetings from Mentee Daisy, Wang Yidan

Dear Ms. Ki,

Sorry that I cannot join the Christmas Gathering on Saturday. I came back home several days ago, and will go to exchange in South Korea next semester. I guess I won't go back Hong Kong until mid-June.

I always feel really grateful to have your generous donation. The scholarship means a lot to me. It has not only encouraged me to do a better job but also reduced the financial burden of my family. As time passes by, the importance and meaningfulness of the scholarship has become clearer. I can still remember my first semester in CUHK, although with the halo of "top students in Ningxia", I had no confidence in front of the full- English teaching environment, excellent classmates, presentations, projects and tons of emails. Food, weather, Cantonese... Challenges were everywhere. I was actually very frustrated when I saw my first semester's GPA... When I was told that I was given this scholarship, I asked myself, do I really deserve it? What should I do to improve myself and keep this honour?

Luckily, although I am not very smart, my persistence helps me to keep up. I improved my GPA gradually, from 3.1 to 3.5, at the same time, I joined more activities and made many friends. After more than 800 days in Hong Kong, I have adapted the life here, and enjoyed my life here. Next term, I will go to Yonsei University in Korea as an exchange student. I expect to learn more and explore more there. 

But the influence of the scholarship is more than that. The most important thing is that I met you. The conversations between us inspired me a lot, giving me guidance and encouragement. Your books helped me to think deeper about the relationships between Hong Kong and mainland China, and gave me good examples of doing charity works. The chance to be included as one of your mentees is also so precious, other mentees are all very outstanding and professional, every time we meet, I listen to them carefully because I am afraid to neglect any important information.

My families also want to express their gratitude. My father has read all your books and you have been his new idol. He asks me to think about how to contribute to the society, to pay back the resources I have enjoyed and to be someone like you. He resigned his job as an engineer in Giti Tire in 2008 and started his own business, during passed 5 years he met many challenges, but two months ago he successfully applied a patent and I believe things will be better.

This email seems too long... Sorry to occupy your time, but I really want you to know my thankfulness. 

Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best regards,
王一丹                      Wang Yidan, Daisy
香港中文大学          The Chinese University of Hong Kong
工商管理综合学系   Integrated BBA Program